Why we launched this survey.

Last summer, the New York Times published a story titled, “How ‘Developer’ Became Such a Dirty Word.” It explored how real estate development went from a welcomed economic engine to a feared agent of unwanted change. That fear is at the root of the NIMBY movement. And NIMBYism has stemmed an inverse fear in developers – that communities fundamentally oppose new development. In my experience, NIMBYs may be the most vocal faction of the community, but they aren’t necessarily the majority. We designed this survey to find out what a generalized sample of people within the United States would uncover about their sentiment of real estate development. What did they actually think of development in the context of their communities? What positive and negative impacts did development bring to their neighborhoods? And, did the data differ based on critical variables like age, household income, and the type of community where respondents lived? This report summarizes our findings. Our hope is that this data shifts how some developers generalize the perspective of the communities where they’re building – and that more development teams will encourage and embrace community feedback. Karin Brandt CEO and founder coUrbanize